Holiday Content!

As we mentioned at the end of Episode 002, we’re all over the place for Christmas this week, so there is no podcast.

Instead, we thought we’d take advantage of the annual Holiday Steam Sale and to make some recommendations for games that we feel are under-played, and perhaps under-appreciated.

You can view these recommendations on our newly established Steam Curator page, or directly from our website via the Steam Curator category.

Get some great deals while the sale is still running, and we’ll be back next week with Episode 003!

Orcs Must Die – Steam Curator

Many games try to blend tower defense and shooter combat. Orcs Must Die succeeds in a way that many others do not. It manages to make tower type and placement, and your ability to land headshots and manage special abilities feel important, powerful, and necessary to your success or failure. It’s a game that understands tension curves; there will be waves that are sure things and waves that you swear you wouldn’t have survived if you’d been prioritizing targets with your special abilities.

Everyday Shooter – Steam Curator

A dual stick shooter plus rhythm game. As with games such as Rez, your actions in the world (shooting, killing enemies, etc.) are reflected in the music the game is producing. Each level is a different song, with different sound effects, different enemy behaviours and different multiplier/chaining mechanisms. There’s a lot to explore and learn in a very familiar space. It’s also a good example of a game recognising and embracing the player as the author of the experience.