Holiday Content!

As we mentioned at the end of Episode 002, we’re all over the place for Christmas this week, so there is no podcast.

Instead, we thought we’d take advantage of the annual Holiday Steam Sale and to make some recommendations for games that we feel are under-played, and perhaps under-appreciated.

You can view these recommendations on our newly established Steam Curator page, or directly from our website via the Steam Curator category.

Get some great deals while the sale is still running, and we’ll be back next week with Episode 003!

Podcasts Go Live On Sunday Evenings

Greetings all!

We have reviewed the turnaround time for our recording, editing and reviewing. Also taking into account the feedback we have received about your listening habits, the weekly podcast will now go live on Sunday evenings.

So stay tuned, Episode 002 will be here soon. It’s a doozy, Tony tries to explain board game rules using only the power of the human voice. Steve and Aaron were intentionally board 😉