Ep 076 – Super Mario Run (What A Bunch Of Sorry Siris)

Steve leads us into our first mobile title and struggles against 20 years of patterns. And, of course, It’s A Mario Thing.

Other mentions include; Super Mario (series), Mario Is Missing, Zelda (series), Cake (concept), Coins (concept), Death (concept), Sonic, Spelunky, Dodgeball (film), Run DMC, Canabalt, Jetpack Joyride, Radical Rappelling, Mickey Mouse, Twin Peaks, Skate Tricks, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, Push Notification (concept), Toad, Smurfs, Thomp, Paper Mario (series), The Dictator (film), The Laws Of Thermodynamics, Jet Li’s The One (film), Rick & Morty (series), Rodeo Stampede

The 1st 10 Minutes at PAX AUS 2015!

Big news; we will be holding a panel at PAX AUS 2015! Details of the time, date, and room location are still being finalised, but watch this space!

We’ve also begun moving all our hosting to SoundCloud. If you haven’t been automatically updated, you can access the new feed by clicking here. If you’re not sure whether you’ve been switched over, don’t worry! We’ll put a message in the old feed once the switch becomes final.

We don’t have an episode again this week; we’ve had a hectic time for the last few weeks in preparation for this exciting news.  We will be back with a new episode next Sunday, and in the meantime, please check out the new SoundCloud feed, and feel free to catch up on episodes from our extensive back-catalog!

Ep 28 Delayed

Unfortunately we are unable to post an episode for you this week. As the great John Lennon said “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. We shall return next week when we will be playing:

  • Steve – AI War: Fleet Command
  • Aaron – Neverending Nightmares
  • Tony – Far Cry 2

Ep 020 Delayed

Unfortunately Episode 020 will not go live this evening (3rd May). A combination of an extreme weather event, and a surprise we have in store, have forced a delay. Fear not though, currently Ep 020 looks like it will be recorded and released by Wednesday this week (6th May)!

Tony – Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth
Steve – Alice: Madness Returns
Aaron – Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

We’re going to be extra busy this week and have Episode 021 up, on schedule, next Sunday (10th May). Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: After some further discussion this initial plan was scrapped. Not because we couldn’t record in time. It was decided that it would be better to stick to the Sunday releases and not risk the the special surprise be missed by our listeners if it hit mid week.