Ep 074 – Thumper (There Is Only More Luge)

Steve leads us on a journey. And, of course, The Scarab walks a lonely road, The only road it has ever known.

Other mentions include; Animal Farm (book), Chicken Run (film), Audiosurf, Cool Runnings (film), Mad Max (series), Harmonic (developer), Stomp (play), Rock Band (series), Mario Kart, Guitar Hero (series), Spacechem, The Witness, The Lawnmower Man, Zombieland (film), The Beatles (band), Dark Souls, Osu, Elite Beat Agents, Donkey Konga, Guitaru Man, Beat Sneak Bandit, Parappa the Rapper, Rez, Bane (character), Junkie XL (band), Forrest Gump (character).

Ep 073 – Virginia (There Will Be No Canape)

Aaron puts on lipstick, then doesn’t, and then says a whole lot without saying a word. And, of course, we weren’t actually that rude to each other, they’re just cuts.

Other mentions include: Mafia III, Forza Horizon 3, Gone Home, Grand Theft Auto III, Reservoir Dogs, Reservoir Dogs (film), Phantasmagoria, The Beast Within, Orange Adventure, Pi (film), The Blair Witch Project (film), Lionsgate (company), Day Of The Tentacle, Red Comrades, System Shock, Final Fantasy V, SEEP Universe, Angelo Badalamenti (composer), Twin Peaks (TV series), Fargo (TV series), Fargo (film), Carter Burwell (composer), Lyndon Holland (composer), The Coen Brothers (filmmakers), City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (orchestra), Inglourious Basterds (film), Cat People (song), Dana Scully (character), An American Werewolf In London (film), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (book), Gary Oldman (actor), Roger Ebert (film critic), Gene Siskel (film critic), Martin Landau (actor), Bela Lugosi (actor), Golden Snitch (make believe thingy), Assassin’s Creed (series), Insert Coin Clothing (website), Eidos Interactive (company), Deus Ex (series), Bruce Springsteen (musician), Clarence Clemons (musician), Linda Blair (actress), Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (film), Lost Highway (film), Hardcore Henry (film), Enter The Void (film), Doom (film), The Rock (actor), Karl Urban (actor), Clint Mansell (composer), Cliff Martinez (composer), Brendon Chung (developer), Thirty Flights Of Loving, The Potemkin Steps (location), M. Night Shyamalan (director), The Visit (film), Blair Witch (2016 film), GoPro (company), Sony (company), Parrot AR.Drone (drone), RED (camera), Blackmagic (camera), Leica (camera), Final Destination 3 (film), Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Dear Esther, The Combine (multidimensional video game empire), Half-Life 2, Dr Strangelove (film), David Lynch (director), Mark Frost (producer), Chris Carter (producer), Stanley Kubrick (director), The Beatles (band), To The White Sea (unproduced film), Brad Pitt (actor), Hokkaido (location), Jerry Goldsmith (composer), Hans Zimmer (composer), Lawrence Of Arabia (film), The Witch (film), Gravity (film), Adrift (film), The X-Files (TV series).

Ep 072 – Abzû (Every Australian Knows Hercules Returns)

This week Aaron leads us on a tale of exploration and rejuvenation. And, of course, we make a lot of ocean puns.

Other mentions include: Seth Rogen (comedian), Bad Neighbours (film), Neighbours (film), Neighbours (TV show), Apple (company), Journey, Matt Nava (developer), No Man’s Sky, Finding Forrester (film), Austin Wintory (musician), Yakety Sax (song), Stranger Things (TV show), Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Octopus’s Garden (song), Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century (short film), Newton’s Third Law (science), Resident Evil, Jaws (film), Robert Shaw (actor), Once In A Lifetime (song), Finding Nemo (film), Albert Brooks (comedian), Werner Herzog (director), Under the Sea (song), I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (song), Naughty Dog (company), Lose Yourself (song), The Last of Us, Wall-E (film), The Good Dinosaur (film), The Iron Giant (film), Brad Bird (director), Portal 2, James Bond (character), Magic Mike XXL (film), Inside, Flower, Finding Nemo (film), Iron Brigade, Finding Dory (film), Andrew Stanton (director), Rick and Morty (TV series), Dune (book).

Ep 071 – No Man’s Sky (It’s Your Fault, Stop Being Witty)

Tony fixes and engine, Aaron bakes and checks out a cave, Steve finds pacifism problematic. And, of course, no one knows how a mixer crashes.

Other mentions include: Just Cause 2, Abzû, God Of War (series), Telltale (developer), HEV Suit (game asset), Half-Life (series), GLaDOS (character), Destiny, Boris Vallejo (painter), Call Of Duty (series), World Of Warcraft, The Last Of Us, RimWorld, Darth Vader (character), Isaac Asimov (author), Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, James Bond (film series), Minecraft, Hotline Miami, Journey, Grand Theft Auto (series).

Ep 070 – Quadrilateral Cowboy (When Do I Get My Ding)

Steve opens doors he isn’t meant to and is distracted by rich surroundings. And, of course, we google for definitions of terms.

Other mentions include; geometry (branch of mathematics), Auld Lang Syne (song), Thirty Flights of Loving, Grim Fandango, Clair De Lune (song), Scooby Doo (film series), Chef’s Table (tv series), Stranger Things (tv series), Netflix Originals, Smashmouth (band), Revolver (album), Alien Isolation (game), Boogie Nights (film), Jazzpunk, Call of Duty (series), Pulp Fiction (film), Oculus Rift, The Matrix (film), Shrek (series), Terminal, Bash, Clippy (character), Javascript, Ghostbusters (film), TIS-100, Superhot, Hamilton (play)

Ep 069 – INSIDE (Alright, Now To Look At These Gifs)

Tony runs to the right, jumps, and avoids brutal dog murder.

Other mentions include: Ron Howard (director), Limbo, Mario (series), King Kong (1933 film), Uncharted (series), Sauron (character), Josh Brolin (actor), Tommy Lee Jones (actor), No Country For Old Men (film), Javier Bardem (actor), Schindler’s List (film), Steven Spielberg (director), Elliott (character), Amblin Entertainment (company), Hogarth Hughes (character), The Iron Giant (film), Martin Scorsese (director), Inside Out (film), Bing Bong (character), The Road Runner (character), Tex Avery (animator), Warner Bros. (company), The X-Files (TV series), Broken Age, Another World, Oddworld (series).

A Slight Schedule Change!

Hey, folks! It may have crossed your radar that recently we’ve been operating under a bit of a different scheduling approach. There’s some pretty exciting projects we’re working at getting off the ground, and as a result, we need to spend a little less of our time on weekly episodes of The 1st 10 Minutes.

That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you, though! Our current plan is to record a classic episode of The 1st 10 Minutes if there’s a game that one of us wants to discuss. Given the fact that there’s never any shortage of new games (and old ones we haven’t discovered yet), we still expect to be able to deliver you an episode every few weeks.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on our regular channels (Facebook and Twitter), and if you’re truly starved for our dulcet tones, there’s at least a few days of content already uploaded for your listening and critical pleasure.

This ain’t goodbye, it’s just, “See ya in a bit, mate.” Be good!

Ep 068 – Pony Island (Orwell Would Be Severely Disappointed, He Left Clear Instructions & A Very Reasonable Deadline)

This episode, Satan gets into arcade preservation. And, of course, we lament the impossibility of a highly engaged, cold audience.

Other mentions include; Mr. Ed (TV show), Fallout 3, Bob Dylan (musician), Goof Troop, Spaceteam, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Matrix (film), Scatman (song), The Shining (film), The Simpsons (TV show), Scatman Crothers (actor), Super Mario Brothers, Starship Troopers (film), Game of Thrones (TV show), Throwing Copper (album), Live (band), Dark Souls, Once in a Lifetime (song), Mr. Squiggle (the man on the moon), The Binding of Isaac, Supernatural (TV show), I Am The Walrus (song), Takashi Miike (filmmaker), Audition (film), Sliding Doors (film), Hudson Hawk (film), Howard Hughes (aviator), Howard Roark (colossal jerk), Zack Snyder (“filmmaker”), Rick Astley (musician), Marvel (film studio), The Mist (film), It’s A Wonderful Life (film), The Cabin in the Woods (film), M. Night Shyamalan (filmmaker), David Lynch (filmmaker), Steven Spielberg (filmmaker), The BFG (film), Doom II, Tom Hooper (filmmaker), Cats (film), Frog Fractions, Spec Ops: The Line, From Dusk Till Dawn (film), Quentin Tarantino (filmmaker), Airplane (film), Human Resource Machine, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Uplink, Wild Horses (song), Bad Rats, Jumpin’ Jack Flash (song), Gimme Shelter (song), Gimme Gimme Gimme (song), Fix Me (song), Six Pack (song), TV Party (song), White Minority (song), Black Flag (band), The First Four Years (album), Hugh Jackman (actor), Matthew Broderick (actor), Jeff Bridges (actor), Angelina Jolie (actor).

Ep 067 – Hand Of Fate (Oeuvre Watch Was The Alternate Name For IMDB)

Steve finds a nefarious yet jovial dealer to lead him through a round of cards.

Other mentions include; Ricky Jay, Dark Souls (series), Christopher Nolan, 7th Seal (film), 13th Floor (film), Animaniacs (series), Futurama (series), Hearthstone, Prince Of Persia (series), Uncharted 4, Han Solo (character), Sunless Sea, Batman Arkham (series), Shane Black, Darkest Dungeon, Hyperlight Drifter, Dominion (card game)

Ep 066 – Stellaris (The Following Podcast Is Rated AQF11)

This week, Tony drowns in nouns. And, of course, we talk about UI and tooltips.

Other mentions include: Star Trek (film series), Star Wars (film series), Event Horizon (film), Stargate (TV series), Interstellar (film), Babylon 5 (TV series), Duncan Jones (director), Moon (film), Warcraft (film), Independence Day: Resurgence (film), The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (film), Civilization (series), Zelda (series), Doom (2016), Hans Zimmer (composer), TARS (fictional robot), Galactic Civilizations (series), Civilization (series), Cities: Skylines, Overwatch.