Ep 058 – Firewatch (“Stop Eating My Spelling”)

This week, as with the next few, we’re choosing a game to talk about. Today it’s Firewatch. And, of course, we laugh, we cry, we talk a lot about story.

0:01:22 – Firewatch
1:22:10 – The Plugz

Other mentions include; NotGTAV, Fire, Walk with Me (film), Far Cry (game series), Eiffel 65 (band), Kentucky Route Zero, Sony (brand), Ke$ha (band), Taylor Swift (band), Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (film), Harrison Ford (actor), Sigmund Freud, Inside Out (film), David Lynch, The Walking Dead (game series), Simpsons (tv series), The Revenant (film), Gears Of War (game series), Aviators (sunglasses), Hunter S. Thompson (author), Summer of 69 (song), George Orwell (author), Up (film), Vampires, Tom Green (Actor, in Roadtrip), Forest Byrnes (mascot).