Ep 052 – Hitman: Absolution, They Breathe (What Will Murlocs Suffer Through?)

Despite it being key, Steve forgets Diana name and we all call her Diane for the entirety. Aaron has a startling realisation about amphibious Elk. And, of course, we over do the heckling.

Other mentions include; Pirates of the Caribbean (film series), Star Wars (film series), Bioshock Infinite, Twin Peaks (tv series), Spy (film), Maxibon (ice cream), Sublime (ice cream), Golden Gaytime (ice cream), Toucan (ice cream), Magnum Ego (ice cream), Cornetto (ice cream), Eddie Murphy, Australian Localisation of Captain America, Gears Of War, Army Of Two, Mass Effect, Mitchell and Webb, Golf Banter, Batman Arkham (series), The Last Of Us, Val Kilmer, Jurassic World (film), Hook (film), Event Horizon (film), Star War: The Force Awakens (film), Assassin’s Creed (game series), Dark Souls (series), Zelda (series), Dwarf Fortress, Pulp Fiction (film), Max Payne (series), Kill Switch, The Muppet Movie (film), The Rainbow Connection (song), Siskel and Ebert (TV show), David Bowie (musician), Fight Club (film), Hans Zimmer (musician), Bruce Springsteen (musician), Born to Run (song), Lost in the Flood (song), The River (song), Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (song), Darkness on the Edge of Town (song), Jungleland (song), The Borg (resistance is futile), The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Gone Home (game), Dear Esther (game), Batman (character), Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (actor), Welcome to the Jungle (film), Tom Hanks (actor), Bridge of Spies (film), Jimmy Fallon (comedian), Super Mario 3D World (game), Braid (game), Crusader Kings II (game), The Drowned World (book), J.G. Ballard (author), Good Will Hunting (film)