Ep 071 – No Man’s Sky (It’s Your Fault, Stop Being Witty)

Tony fixes and engine, Aaron bakes and checks out a cave, Steve finds pacifism problematic. And, of course, no one knows how a mixer crashes.

Other mentions include: Just Cause 2, Abzû, God Of War (series), Telltale (developer), HEV Suit (game asset), Half-Life (series), GLaDOS (character), Destiny, Boris Vallejo (painter), Call Of Duty (series), World Of Warcraft, The Last Of Us, RimWorld, Darth Vader (character), Isaac Asimov (author), Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, James Bond (film series), Minecraft, Hotline Miami, Journey, Grand Theft Auto (series).

Ep 070 – Quadrilateral Cowboy (When Do I Get My Ding)

Steve opens doors he isn’t meant to and is distracted by rich surroundings. And, of course, we google for definitions of terms.

Other mentions include; geometry (branch of mathematics), Auld Lang Syne (song), Thirty Flights of Loving, Grim Fandango, Clair De Lune (song), Scooby Doo (film series), Chef’s Table (tv series), Stranger Things (tv series), Netflix Originals, Smashmouth (band), Revolver (album), Alien Isolation (game), Boogie Nights (film), Jazzpunk, Call of Duty (series), Pulp Fiction (film), Oculus Rift, The Matrix (film), Shrek (series), Terminal, Bash, Clippy (character), Javascript, Ghostbusters (film), TIS-100, Superhot, Hamilton (play)

Ep 069 – INSIDE (Alright, Now To Look At These Gifs)

Tony runs to the right, jumps, and avoids brutal dog murder.

Other mentions include: Ron Howard (director), Limbo, Mario (series), King Kong (1933 film), Uncharted (series), Sauron (character), Josh Brolin (actor), Tommy Lee Jones (actor), No Country For Old Men (film), Javier Bardem (actor), Schindler’s List (film), Steven Spielberg (director), Elliott (character), Amblin Entertainment (company), Hogarth Hughes (character), The Iron Giant (film), Martin Scorsese (director), Inside Out (film), Bing Bong (character), The Road Runner (character), Tex Avery (animator), Warner Bros. (company), The X-Files (TV series), Broken Age, Another World, Oddworld (series).

Ep 068 – Pony Island (Orwell Would Be Severely Disappointed, He Left Clear Instructions & A Very Reasonable Deadline)

This episode, Satan gets into arcade preservation. And, of course, we lament the impossibility of a highly engaged, cold audience.

Other mentions include; Mr. Ed (TV show), Fallout 3, Bob Dylan (musician), Goof Troop, Spaceteam, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Matrix (film), Scatman (song), The Shining (film), The Simpsons (TV show), Scatman Crothers (actor), Super Mario Brothers, Starship Troopers (film), Game of Thrones (TV show), Throwing Copper (album), Live (band), Dark Souls, Once in a Lifetime (song), Mr. Squiggle (the man on the moon), The Binding of Isaac, Supernatural (TV show), I Am The Walrus (song), Takashi Miike (filmmaker), Audition (film), Sliding Doors (film), Hudson Hawk (film), Howard Hughes (aviator), Howard Roark (colossal jerk), Zack Snyder (“filmmaker”), Rick Astley (musician), Marvel (film studio), The Mist (film), It’s A Wonderful Life (film), The Cabin in the Woods (film), M. Night Shyamalan (filmmaker), David Lynch (filmmaker), Steven Spielberg (filmmaker), The BFG (film), Doom II, Tom Hooper (filmmaker), Cats (film), Frog Fractions, Spec Ops: The Line, From Dusk Till Dawn (film), Quentin Tarantino (filmmaker), Airplane (film), Human Resource Machine, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Uplink, Wild Horses (song), Bad Rats, Jumpin’ Jack Flash (song), Gimme Shelter (song), Gimme Gimme Gimme (song), Fix Me (song), Six Pack (song), TV Party (song), White Minority (song), Black Flag (band), The First Four Years (album), Hugh Jackman (actor), Matthew Broderick (actor), Jeff Bridges (actor), Angelina Jolie (actor).

Ep 067 – Hand Of Fate (Oeuvre Watch Was The Alternate Name For IMDB)

Steve finds a nefarious yet jovial dealer to lead him through a round of cards.

Other mentions include; Ricky Jay, Dark Souls (series), Christopher Nolan, 7th Seal (film), 13th Floor (film), Animaniacs (series), Futurama (series), Hearthstone, Prince Of Persia (series), Uncharted 4, Han Solo (character), Sunless Sea, Batman Arkham (series), Shane Black, Darkest Dungeon, Hyperlight Drifter, Dominion (card game)

Ep 066 – Stellaris (The Following Podcast Is Rated AQF11)

This week, Tony drowns in nouns. And, of course, we talk about UI and tooltips.

Other mentions include: Star Trek (film series), Star Wars (film series), Event Horizon (film), Stargate (TV series), Interstellar (film), Babylon 5 (TV series), Duncan Jones (director), Moon (film), Warcraft (film), Independence Day: Resurgence (film), The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (film), Civilization (series), Zelda (series), Doom (2016), Hans Zimmer (composer), TARS (fictional robot), Galactic Civilizations (series), Civilization (series), Cities: Skylines, Overwatch.

Ep 065 – Uncharted 4 (That’s What Megaphones To The Universe Are For; Three-Person In-Jokes)

This week it’s adventure on stormy seas and near misses with photo filters. And, of course, Not A Review.

Other mentions include; The Last of Us, Indiana Jones (character), Harrison Ford (actor), Regarding Henry (film), David Blaine (jerk magician), Nolan North (voice actor), Troy Baker (voice actor), Paul Rudd (actor), Robert De Niro (actor), Wave Race 64, Prince (musician), My Name Is Prince (song), The Truman Show (film), Ed Harris (actor), Jaws (film), George Miller (director), Babe: Pig in the City (film), Happy Feet (film), Terry Gilliam (director), Star Wars (film series), Tom Clancy’s The Division, Call of Duty (series), Halo (series), Clint Eastwood (actor), Hot Shots (film), King Kong (film), We Care A Lot (song), Faith No More (band), Oprah Winfrey (goddess), Colony collapse disorder (phenomenon), Lua (language), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (film), My Neighbour Totoro (film), Mark Serrels (writer), Kotaku (publication), Left 4 Dead, Monkey Island (series), Quantum Break, Shawn Ashmore (actor), Emotionally Apathetic Sully (no…), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series), LA Noire, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Jurassic Park (film), Disney (film studio), Henry Jackman (composer), Marvel Studios, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (film), Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) (composer), Michael Giacchino (composer), Far Cry (series), Assassin’s Creed (series).

Ep 064 – SUPERHOT (*Law & Order Noise*)

This week Steve tells player stories that rival John Wick, Rush Hour and Hard Boiled, while learning some rudimentary skill atoms. And, of course, our sincerest apologies to darksoulsfan420.

Other mentions include; Mighty Ducks 2 (film), 7DFPS (event), Kickstarter (platform), Mirrors Edge, The World’s End (film), World Of Warcraft, Grand Designs (tv series), Australian Free To Air T.V. Series, Terminal (interaction method), Futurama (tv series), Pulp Fiction (film), ICP (band), Half-Life (series), Mass Effect (series), Alan Wake, There Will Be Blood (film), Barry White (artist), The Matrix (film series), Rocky Horror Picture Show (film), Inception (film), Jackie Chan (actor), David Attenborough, Richard Feynman, John Wick (film), Equilibrium (film), Superman (character), Uncharted (series), The Specialists (Half-life mod), Shoot ‘em Up (film), Swordfish (film), Sneakers (film), Hackers (film), Flatliners (film), Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (film), Any Given Sunday (film), Looney Tunes (series), Captain America: Civil War (film), Ken Burn’s The Civil War, The Civil Wars (band), Assassin’s Creed (series), Braid, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Dead Space, Quantum Break, Dark Souls (series)

Ep 063 – Stardew Valley (No John, You Are The Author, And Then The Author Was Dead)

Tony’s love of gardening is reignited when he visits Stardew Valley. And, of course, we quote Marty McFly. Again.

1:10 – Stardew Valley
57:36 – The Plugz

Other mentions include: Firaxis (developer), Paradox Development Studio (developer), EarthBound, Deliverance (film), Steve Martin (actor), Cheaper By The Dozen (film), The Oscars (awards ceremony), Roxanne (film), The Jerk (film), The Man With Two Brains (film), Garry Shandling (actor), Link (character), Robin Williams (actor), Good Will Hunting (film), Woody (character), Toy Story (film franchise), Homer Simpson (character), Twin Peaks (TV show), The Power Of Love (song), Hyper Light Drifter, Daffy Duck (character), The Stanley Parable, Richard Lewis (actor), Chrono Trigger, Ripley (character), Newt (character), Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon.

Ep 062 – Hyper Light Drifter (“I Don’t Know How You Feel About _____, But I Think _____ Is Really Important And Would Like _____ To Be Better”)

Aaron trips the life fantastic with inspirations from expressionist cinema. And, of course, we talk about Dark Souls, but not really.

Other mentions include; The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Diablo, 2001: A Space Oddyssey (film), Watchmen (book), Fez, THX, THX 1138 (film), I Am the Walrus (song), The Incredibles (film), Ed Harris (actor), The Abyss (film), DMX (musician), Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (film), Tina Turner (musician), Looney Tunes (cartoon), Shadow of the Colossus, The Dark Tower (book series), Lost (TV series), Game of Thrones (TV series), The Leftovers (TV series), Alien (film), Ridley Scott (film director), Sigourney Weaver (actor), Stargate (TV series), The Fifth Element (film), Luc Besson (film director), Breaking Bad (TV series), Bastion, Dark Souls, Attack on Titan (TV series), The Simpsons (TV series), Johnny Cash (musician), Space Invaders, Bloodborne, Batman: Arkham Blank (series), FromSoftware (developer), Firewatch.