Ep 074 – Thumper (There Is Only More Luge)

Steve leads us on a journey. And, of course, The Scarab walks a lonely road, The only road it has ever known.

Other mentions include; Animal FarmĀ (book), Chicken Run (film), Audiosurf, Cool Runnings (film), Mad Max (series), Harmonic (developer), Stomp (play), Rock Band (series), Mario Kart, Guitar Hero (series), Spacechem, The Witness, The Lawnmower Man, Zombieland (film), The Beatles (band), Dark Souls, Osu, Elite Beat Agents, Donkey Konga, Guitaru Man, Beat Sneak Bandit, Parappa the Rapper, Rez, Bane (character), Junkie XL (band), Forrest Gump (character).