This War Of Mine – Steam Curator

This game places you in control of three people who are caught in a war-torn urban environment, where you must do whatever is necessary to survive.


The presentation is side-on 2.5D, and while the game operates in real-time (much like a traditional RTS) the limitation of only three “units” means that each of them can (and are) given a much more individual treatment.  They will become hungry, tired, sick, and depressed.  The actions that you set for them are utterly mundane, and utterly compelling.


How do you eke out an existence in a setting where finding a tin of food can mean the difference between your group having enough strength to build barricades or not?  And if raiders come to your dwelling in the night, and those barricades are not up, you may lose everything.  Everything.


You will build your own narratives for these characters as you progress through the game, and it’s amazing.  Play this.